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Argentum Online is a game that was made in 1999 in Visual Basic 6, so with these obstacles, we start our journey. Said that there is a lot of things that are more difficult to implement like new features of the new internet like web3 but still, nothing is impossible and there are always workarounds to achieve this. Challenge accepted! But a bunch of smart people is needed to accomplish these tasks and on top of that maintain servers, hardware (which we need to pay with real money) and all of these for a hobby, remember AO Libre never was intended to be profitable, it was created to give this beautiful game the place it deserved in the world of the open-source software and try to mark the path in the community which all the code needs to be free and respect licenses. Here you can find more information about why this project was created:

NFTs ERC-721

ARGENTUMS are 10,000 images of our Argentum Online world minted in the Ethereum Blockchain, in the images you can see the adventures of the characters in the forests, ice zones, dungeons, ocean, islands, cemeteries, cities and more

BEP-20 ($AOLB)

We have our BEP-20 token ($AOLB) which we will use for a lot of things including, rewards to our players, rewards to people who collaborate in the project in many ways, design, music, game masters, server maintainers, game designers, developers, QA team, etc.

Initial tokens distribution

Token Quantity

Max Supply

Tokens unlock at IDO

Public sale



Community and Marketing



Reserve (AO Libre management)




Dex Liquidity



Stacking Rewards



Play-to-Earn Rewards



Actual project maintainers team and advisors (7-year vesting)



Historical staff (10-year vesting) (locked until August 2022)




Metaverse creation program



Total Supply $AOLB



Public sale

You can obtain $AOLB from our Crowdsale

Team and advisors

AO Libre's strategic partners and team members will receive 21 million AOL tokens, which will remain blocked for 7 years, they will be unblocked monthly until reaching the total. Generally, in the industry, other teams block tokens for 2-4 years period. This project has already 21 years, so we feel pretty confident to receive the last payment from the initial distribution when Argentum Online became 30 years. AO Libre is liked by the people, this is why we decided to block the tokens for 7 years and thus provide confidence.

Historical staff

A portion of the initial supply is going to the Historical Staff, all the people that made the game in all his history. We will open a form so everyone will have the chance to add itself in case he/she collaborates with the project in the past. We must put a deadline to this (October 2022) in order to deploy the smart contract and start the distribution of the tokens in that section.

Staking reward

Coming soon...

Reserves Tokens

That will be used for the game development, ecosystem’s growth, operational expenses, airdrops, liquidity, exchanges, prices for in-game competitions among many others.

Community & Marketing

Tokens that will be used to grow AO Libre’s community, marketing, events public awareness, and other community-building and marketing activities.


Tokens will be distributed to incentivize players to participate in the game through quests, competitions, and other events and activities in the game.

DEX liquidity

DEX liquidity $AOLB tokens allocated to DEX liquidity pool.

Metaverse creation program

We are a community that goes far way than this single project (although this project is the only one that respects the license carefully) Another portion is going to projects that are Argentum Online mods(Finisterra for example) and implements our tokens (BEP-20, ERC-721) in a fully functional way. All the projects have until December 2025 to send a request to apply for this. With this point, we encourage to integrate all the community, build the metaverse along with all the Argentum Online ecosystem

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