SDK - Tools to customise your server

Tools to create and modify your own server

All of these applications can be found in our Launcher

Launcher aka ao-autoupdater

This application, also known as the launcher, is in charge of updating each of the applications. When AO-Libre is installed, a shortcut of this application is created on the desktop so that users can open the game, server, worldeditor among other applications and in case there is an update available, it will do it so. All and each of the updates is uploaded to Github through releases using semver. Language: Visual Basic 6


Map editor for AO Libre, here you can create new maps, edit existing ones, add particles, add NPCs, basically do wherever you desire.

Tutorial on how to map:

Source Code


This application is basically a web administrator to be able to edit all the files on the server from a web remotely, it was created to avoid having to connect to the server using RDP to have to edit any file, be it an account, char, server.ini, etc. It communicates with the ao-api-server project to be able to edit the files. Language: Javascript (React.js)


API made in Node.js to retrieve information from the server like characters, objects, dats files, etc. Sends emails, makes backups, it has a discord bot among many others. It helps to decouple things from the game server as long to make them more easily to do (Visual Basic 6 is ok but sometimes you don't want it anymore...) How to run it:


Particle editor for Argentum Online, so you can create effects in the game for ilumination, spells, decoration, you can use it as you wish (and also where is developed :) )


We provide you all our CI/CD pipelines so in case you want to make a server and be completely automatized of everything just like the main server you can help yourself More information here:

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