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From the beginning of the game, each character has a race that determines his physical form and a class that determines what he excels at in the game. Throughout the game, each player's character learns skills that will determine how successful (or not) he will be at his craft. The first two attributes (race and class) are chosen by the player when creating his character. The skill attribute depends mainly on the experience during the game and is deeply influenced by the way of playing and the preferences of each player.

The action takes place in a virtual fictional world where the role of a character that interacts with other characters is adopted, whether they are controlled by other players or non-player characters. All interactions take place in a fantastic environment like in a traditional role-playing game. You can chat with other characters on the screen, and through interactions trade, negotiate, make friends or do other activities. While alone you can go to different places on the map to fish, hunt, kill zombies, among other available actions .

The virtual world of AO is populated by player characters of different races. Each one of them presents defects and virtues. At the beginning of the game, when creating a new character, the player has the possibility to choose the race of his character based on his expectations and preferences.


Historical synopsis of Humans: "It is said that humans landed in the lands of Argentum about 6 years ago. They fled from their original lands that were scourged by Evil. However, they encountered the same hostility in these lands. Humans are a race with little adaptability and are not capable of killing. "

Characteristics of Humans:

It is a type of balanced breed. For this reason, he gets modifiers on almost none of the attributes.


Historical synopsis of the Elves: «The old wise elves say that their race came from the south of Argentum, escaping from a terrible evil that plagued their original lands. They soon settled in the forest of Nix, hiding part of it from the rest of the mortal creatures and surrounding it with powerful arcane magic that would protect them from orcs and other evil creatures. They are agile and intelligent, so they get a bonus on those attributes. They prefer subtlety over force, taking penalties in the latter. Elves are found all over the world, but mostly in the Elven Forest near Nix and in that town. "

Characteristics of the Elves:

They are skilled in the use of bows. They have bonuses in agility, intelligence and charisma, penalized in strength. Dark elves

Drows (Dark Elves)

Historical synopsis of the Drows (Dark Elves): «A great veil of ignorance covers the origin of this species. It is known that when the pure elves arrived in Argentum, the dark elves already inhabited it and some even served Chaos. It is assumed that previously, thousands of years before the arrival of the great company of pure elves, small boats of this race arrived and were easily corrupted by the evil that plagued Argentum. There are good and bad; also neutral .. They are intelligent and strong, but they lost some of that agility that characterizes pure elves and they are not well seen by the crowd. »

Characteristics of the Dark Elves:

They are skilled in the art of stabbing and the use of ranged combat. They have bonuses in intelligence and strength. In years


Historical Synopsis of the Dwarves: «The Dwarves are a native race of Argentum. They are tough and strong, qualities that helped them resist the hostility of these lands. However, much they could not and their community was fractured and separated throughout the Farinte continent. Witness to this are the various underground constructions throughout the continent. They have bonuses to their constitution and strength, but they are not to think much but more to be carried by their instincts, in addition to having a certain distrust in magic, preferring before a great hatchet. "

Characteristics of the Dwarves:

They have bonuses in their constitution and strength. They are not good magicians, but they are good warriors.


Historical synopsis of the Gnomes: Like the Dwarves, the Gnomes are native to Argentum. They were always kept hidden from the eyes of others, a quality that helped them to survive very effectively. They are prone to magical arts but not very resistant and a weak force. Little is known of this breed that even today prefers to keep its community a secret. Some Gnomes left for human cities, mingling with the other races."

Gnomes Characteristics:

They are skilled magicians. But they are not very resistant and have little strength. They are also widely used in semi-magical classes, such as bard, druid, or cleric, for their great evasion and mana.


Skills are used to obtain new actions available to each character or to perform actions in a faster or more effective way. The higher the level of skill, the more actions can be taken in that field and the better the tasks undertaken are done. This makes the game easier for players as they accumulate experience. Skills in AO are classified into four families: magical, combat, professions, and others.

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