What we already did and what are we going to do.


[X] Active maintenance of the game.
[X] Public minting for ARGENTUMS NFT Collection


[X] Active maintenance of the game.
[X] Listed in CoinPaprika.


[X] Pre-sale AO Libre B Token ($AOLB) Tokens within the community.
[X] Start tokemonics plan
[X] Created whitepaper.
[X] Active maintenance of the game.


[X] Reset the main server (Restoration of the Game World Event)
[X] Launch episode 2 of the saga
[X] Public recognition from the original creator Pablo Marquez aka "Gulfas Morgolock"
[X] Metaverse related: Use and creation of custom worlds/maps for custom servers
[X] A lot of new additions in the game, improvement of the SDK tools, etc.
[X] Update Documentations.
[X] Infrastructure changes, including a set of Dev Ops skills in the project.


[X] Reset the main server (Restoration of the Game World Event)
[X] Launch episode 1 of the saga
[X] Translation (around 80%) to English (very important!)
[X] A lot of new additions in the game, improvement of the tools, bug fixing etc.
[X] Update Documentations
[X] Creation of tutorials and guides
[X] Creation of open logs
[X] Creation of rankings

[X] Full conversion of the legacy repository in SourceForge to Github.
A paper was written in order to help people understand this journey.


[X] Created corporative workflows within GitHub to ensure the quality that access to our master branch is reviewed by many members (like Cardano)
[X] People got interested they start send pull requests to the code, open servers, also play in main server.
[X] Bug fixing and improvement of the code
[X] Write Clear Documentations (a lot of writing...)
[X] Social Networks account given by the community to us, to start the new project with the community.
[X] Webpage and Main server deployment.
[X] The project got its official name selected by the community (AO-Libre)
[X] August, the project was born

Historic roadmap

This is not AO-Libre itself but without these previous efforts, we could not exist. This is a historical work which must be added because without acknowledging our past we can't ever joy the future


[X] The community of GS-Zone ( shares code to improve the game.
[X] AO Libre was built on top of one of those projects.

1999 - 2011

[X] 1999 All the historic work, from the creation of the first maps, graphics, sdk, server

Last original changes in the changelog.
Server: * 03/07/2011 : Agrego y modifico logs de ítems. (Pato)
Cliente: * 07/04/2011 : Arregladas ciertas cuestiones con los seguimientos. (Amraphen)

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Changelog Client:

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