Smart Contracts and Wallets

Address for tokens and contracts used in the project

All our smart contracts are validated in Etherscan and BSCScan, to provide transparency, obtaining the following result āœ… Contract Source Code Verified (Exact Match)


AO Libre Wallet: 0x334c1314EEbA22Ef4b123708403FC9640d2d69c3 AOL Token: 0x859c8159bc53022354f39357bd1fdf6091542087 AOL Swap: 0xFFC8902c113Cba1eB064D4D666d3B3Aa5b1D8353

Binance Smart Chain

AO Libre Wallet: 0xE4f72E3683bf9aeA67BDE4704a7861Ee7cCffaa2 AOLB Token: 0xea17e48c988d64e92d64550c787b17281f61828e AOLB Swap: 0xef7729284D0EbadFF2C27B654513426749cC9732

Polygon (Matic)

ARGENTUMS Nft Collection: 0x099010e1C0E193Ec050D35542DCa653F1C47b9Be

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