Create your own server

Create your own server and play with your friends.

Create your own server

In AO Libre you can create your own server, we aim to create a metaverse where you can use your account along multiple servers. If you open your own server you can modify some aspects of the world-game like: Experience Rate Gold Drop Rate Intervals per action Add / Modify items (armors, swords, etc) Set default skin (users will see the UI/UX you wanna set) Maps to use (Default or one custom world made with the WorldEditor (SDK tool)) Character's Initial stats and level when they are born Character's Initial inventory when they are born.

Among many, many, many others. Summary explaining some of them:

GameMasters If you want to be a game master is recommendable that you read the commands that you can use in-game so you can do a lot of things with god power

More information about creating your own server here: Add new items in the game with graphics (Requires Pull Request for new Graphics): Additional Information with more tools (SDK)

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